Transmission Life Treatment

Transmission Life Treatment

For Smoother Shifting and Reduced Heat, Friction and Wear

Heat, friction and wear are the enemies of a transmission. While ordinary transmission fluids are better than ever, they do have their limitations to mitigate the heat and strain that transmissions undergo. Vehicles with high mileage that are used to tow heavy loads in adverse weather conditions are especially hard on transmissions, and it can cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace a transmission. That’s where Xtreme Green Transmission Life Treatment gives you that extra peace of mind.

Xtreme Green Transmission Life Treatment uses XPL+ technology to reduce the friction. Activated by heat and pressure, XPL+ technology bonds to the metal, reducing friction between moving metal parts. If you reduce friction, you reduce heat build-up and this helps to reduce wear.

Compatible with:

  • All automatic transmission fluids (ATF)
  • Manual transmissions that use ATF
  • All gear oils

Xtreme Green Transmission Life Treatment helps:

  • Connector.Connector.

    Reduce Friction, Heat and Wear

  • Connector.Connector.

    Promote smoother shifting

  • Connector.Connector.

    Reduce slipping

  • Connector.Connector.

    Enhance performance of regular ATF’s

How It Works


XPL+ technology is attracted to and activated by heat. Conventional lubricants migrate away from heat and will break down under high heat conditions.

XPL+® lubrication technology bonds to metal even under extreme heat and pressure, giving it film strength that is demonstrated to be 50 times more powerful than regular lubricants!

Because it actually bonds to the metal, the technology is designed to help give protection when your engine needs it most, every time you start your car which is when your engine experiences the greatest wear.


XPL+ lubrication is tested daily in today’s demanding industrial applications as well as by leading testing laboratories all over the world.

Originally formulated and developed to protect demanding, hard-working diesel engines in industrial environments, the technology was transformed and adapted for today’s tight tolerance, high-performance gasoline engines. Leading industrial, mining, oil drilling and transportation companies have exhaustively tested and used XPL+ lubrication for many years.


How To Use

Automatic transmissions:
Add contents to existing transmission fluid using an ATF funnel, readily available at any auto parts store.

Manual transmissions:
First remove 8oz of transmission fluid before adding contents.

You can add Transmission Life Treatment at any time or when you next change your transmission fluid.


Cars, Trucks & SUVs


RVs & Boats etc.


Cars, Vans & Trucks


Tough Environments

Frequently Asked Questions

Xtreme Green’s Engine Life Treatment has been formulated with our proprietary XPL+® technology to work with your transmission fluid to reduce heat, friction and wear inside your vehicle’s transmission. This helps with smoother shifting, less slippage and extended life.
Yes, it is compatible with all conventional and synthetic automatic transmission fluids (ATF’s) and gear oils, and will not harm seals and gaskets.
Yes, it can be used with any manual transmission that uses automatic transmission fluid (ATF).
No. The Transmission Life Treatment does not contain any solids or chlorinated paraffin’s.
No. Using the product will not void your warranty.
Use the entire contents of the 8oz bottle for standard transmissions. For automatic transmission, you can add the 8oz without removing any transmission fluid. However, for manual transmissions you should first remove 8 oz of fluid before adding the contents of the 8oz bottle.
Locate your transmission fluid reservoir and add contents to existing transmission fluid using an ATF funnel which is readily available at any auto parts store.
You can add it to your transmission fluid at any time. After this first application, you do not need to use it again until the fluid is changed according to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.
It is not necessary to wait; you can add it any time, however, if you are getting close to a transmission fluid change then it may be more convenient to add it then.
Don’t worry. The Transmission Life Treatment won’t harm your engine. However, the Transmission Life Treatment is specifically formulated for transmissions. For engines, we recommend Xtreme Green’s Engine Life Treatment.

Transmission Life Treatment

Retail Price: $40.00