If it smokes, leaks oil or needs extra protection

The carefully engineered components of this proprietary formulation are scientifically designed to provide extra protection and enhance the performance of motor oils for vehicles with diesel engines and older gasoline engines which are burning or leaking oil, smoking, have worn seals or are running rough.

Proven in demanding industrial applications, Xtreme Green’s® Super Duty Oil Stabilizer helps solve the problems associated with diesel engines and older gasoline engines. Formulated with XPL+ technology which offers 50 times more film strength protection than ordinary lubricants.

This high performance super-duty formula is designed to fortify and protect your motor oil to help:

  • Connector.Connector.

    Stop Oil Burning and Oil Leaks

  • Connector.Connector.

    Stop Blow-by, Smoking and Oil Contamination

  • Connector.Connector.

    Cool and Quiet Engines and Gear Boxes

  • Connector.Connector.

    Condition Seals to extend life

  • Connector.Connector.

    Reduce Thermal Breakdown, Sludge and Varnish

  • Connector.Connector.

    Extend Oil Life by 50% or More

  • Connector.Connector.

    Provide dry start protection

“After putting it in my car stopped smoking. It works great! ”

How It Works


XPL+ technology is attracted to and activated by heat. Conventional lubricants migrate away from heat and will break down under high heat conditions.

XPL+® lubrication technology bonds to metal even under extreme heat and pressure, giving it film strength that is demonstrated to be 50 times more powerful than regular lubricants!

Because it actually bonds to the metal, the technology is designed to help give protection when your engine needs it most, every time you start your car which is when your engine experiences the greatest wear.


XPL+ lubrication is tested daily in today’s demanding industrial applications as well as by leading testing laboratories all over the world.

Originally formulated and developed to protect demanding, hard-working diesel engines in industrial environments, the technology was transformed and adapted for today’s tight tolerance, high-performance gasoline engines. Leading industrial, mining, oil drilling and transportation companies have exhaustively tested and used XPL+ lubrication for many years.

“I didn’t pass my smog test and was told to put this product in. I went back to re-test the car and it passed without problems. Even the smog guy couldn’t believe it. Amazing! ”

How To Use

Ideal for diesel engines or older gasoline engines that are smoking, leaking oil or losing oil.

  • For use with gasoline, diesel, propane, and natural gas
  • Auto, truck, marine, railroad, off-road, and small engines
  • Compatible with all petroleum or synthetic oils at 30 weight or higher (such as 5W-30, 10W-40, etc…)
  • Will not void vehicle warranty when used as directed
  • Will not sludge or varnish

If your vehicle’s engine normally uses motor oil rated at 30 weight or higher (such as 5W-30, 10W-40, etc…) Super Duty Oil Stabilizer may be used along with the Engine Life Treatment. Helping your engine run even smoother, and quieter still, but also helps address problems of oil leaking, smoking, or burning – and loss of power due to what’s known as “blow-by” – or the leakage effect of your engine’s piston rings not sealing as well as they could.


    Add to engine oil as follows, and use at every oil change:

  • Diesel Engines: Use at 20%
  • Regular Gas Engines: Use at 20%
  • Badly Worn Engines: Use at 40%
  • Commercial, Industrial, Marine Engines: Use at 20%
  • Manual Transmissions: Use at 20%
  • Differential and Gear Boxes: Use at 20%
  • Motorcycles and Small Engines: Use at 20%
  • 4-Stroke Motorcycles with Wet Clutches: Use at 10%


Cars, Trucks & SUVs


RVs & Boats etc.


Cars, Vans & Trucks


Tough Environments

Frequently Asked Questions

The Super Duty Oil Stabilizer is a heavier viscosity product used for all diesel engines, and higher mileage gasoline engines with over 70,000 miles that smoke, burn oil or leak oil.

Engine Life Treatment is for all types of engines at any age or mileage and comes with a limited Lifetime Engine Warranty.

The Super Duty Oil Stabilizer is for diesel engines, or gasoline engines with over 70,000 miles that smoke or lose/leak oil.
Xtreme Green’s Super Duty Oil Stabilizer has been used in the commercial industry including heavy mining equipment, trucks and construction equipment.
No, the Lifetime Engine Warranty is only for the Engine Life Treatment.
Yes. In wet bath and cone clutch applications use at 5% to the volume. If it is a lower end differential using gear oil, use the Super Duty Oil Stabilizer at 10% to the volume.
No. Super Duty Oil Stabilizer does not contain any solids or chlorinated paraffin’s.
Act is a federal law that prohibits engine manufacturers from voiding any warranty simply from the use of an additive.
Use at 20% by volume. For example in a typical 5 quart system use 4 quarts of motor oil and 1 quart of Super Duty Oil Stabilizer. Use at each oil change. For high mileage engines use at 40% by volume.
Yes. Subtract one quart of oil for one quart of Super Duty Oil Stabilizer for a 5 or 6 quart engine oil system. The goal is to use Super Duty Engine Treatment at 20% concentration.
It is not necessary to wait; you can add it now, however, if you were getting close to an oil change, we would recommend adding it then.

Super Duty Oil Stabilizer

Retail Price: $30.00