Message From Our Founder/CEO

Dear Xtreme Green Family,

2015 has been a year of listening very carefully to our leaders, and making changes and enhancements to better serve our IBOs:

  • Replaced and upgraded the Xtreme Green operating system and back office.


  • Overhauled the compensation plan in order to enhance our IBOs earning potential, and we are pleased to say that the new plan has been paying out correctly, on time, every time.


  • Added distribution and fulfillment centers to ensure product delivery within two to three business days! We now have three distribution points. Los Angeles, Wilmington, DE and San Juan, Puerto Rico


  • Strengthened the Executive Management Team with the addition of highly experienced network marketing executives who have “done it before” and see the enormous potential with Xtreme Green.


  • Added a new product, Transmission Life Treatment, to the already outstanding Xtreme Green product line


  • Created training tools and selling materials to help IBOs replicate their efforts and build their downlines.

These positive changes have built a world-class platform for future growth and expansion, both domestically and internationally.

There are a number of exciting programs planned for 2016, all designed to help IBOs build their businesses and achieve high levels of personal success:

Xtreme Green Wealth Builders Program
– In January we will be rolling out our new Xtreme Green Wealth Builders Program, designed to empower Xtreme Team Leaders to capitalize on maximizing bonuses and to potentially own a piece of Xtreme Green.

Private Stock Offering
– Xtreme Green has already initiated the process of being in a position to do a public offering, and started the process with an initial private stock offering.

Launching In Mexico
– We will start our international expansion by launching in Mexico by the second quarter of 2016.

On behalf of everyone at Xtreme Green, I thank you for your enthusiasm and your support, and wish you and your family a very happy Holiday season.


Elton Alderman
Founder / CEO
Xtreme Green