Fuel Max Plus+

One Shot Does it All!

Want a cleaner world to leave for our children? Want to maximize the fuel consumption of your vehicle?

Try a shot of Xtreme Green® Fuel Max Plus+

This Revolutionary, Super Concentrated Fuel Catalyst helps break down large hard-to-burn fuel particles, capturing more energy from the fuel, resulting in maximum fuel economy with reduced emissions.

Gasoline and diesel fuels contain different size molecules that burn at different rates. Even fractions of a second make a difference in horsepower, performance, fuel consumption and emissions.

Better burn = Better Performance = Reduced Emissions!

Safe for use in Gasoline or Diesel Engines with any grade of fuel, including biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur diesel. Used by commercial fleets for years, now available to the public, Xtreme Green® Fuel Max Plus+ is an amazing fuel saver and engine cleaner.


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    Reduce Harmful Emissions

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    Boost Power and Performance

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    Clean Carbon Deposits

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    Improve Fuel Stability

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    Reduce Exhaust Smoke

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    Improve MPG

“I was getting 15 MPG before, now I get 20 MPG using Xtreme Green’s Fuel Max Plus+. ”Saralee S. (’05 Toyota Highlander, 92,000 mi)

How It Works

Gasoline or Diesel fuels are hydrocarbon molecules of different lengths and sizes. When combined with Xtreme Green® Fuel Max Plus+ the hydrocarbon particles instantly become broken down in size and easier to burn.

Why is that important? Increasing fuel surface area helps ensure a more complete combustion of the fuel in the combustion chamber. The outcome is greater conversion of the fuel into heat and power, and greatly reduced CO2, CO, HC, NOX, and smoke emissions.

Most of the thousands of fuel additives on the market have five basic ingredients – Sulfur, Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen – the same constituents as fuel. Xtreme Green® Fuel Max Plus+ technology is completely different and required a thorough review by the EPA in order to get it registered for use with both gasoline and diesel fuels.

Without Fuel Max Plus+

Fuel’s chemical energy is stored in a hydrocarbon. In this state, Hydrocarbons do not burn completely resulting in carbon, soot, and harmful emissions.


With Fuel Max Plus+

Fuel Max Plus+ is a catalyst that breaks apart large particulates, accelerating the chemical reaction of the fuel thus liberating its chemical energy.


In Your Vehicle


Xtreme Green® Fuel Max Plus+ and Diesel

Xtreme Green® Fuel Max Plus+ also ensures that engines are protected against diesel fuel that is contaminated by water as well as algae and bacteria. These can block filters, accelerate oxidation to cause corrosion, lower fuel efficiency and even cause engine failure. Xtreme Green® Fuel Max Plus+ helps solve these problems, inhibiting their growth, as well as treat existing contaminated fuel.

“Fuel Max Plus+ provided me with 68 – 80 additional miles by using it.” Eugene N. (’08 Chevy Impala, 36,000 mi)

Tested and Proven

Large trucking fleets, equipment rental companies, fishing boats, oil & gas companies, and other commercial and industrial customers have been successfully using the Fuel Max Plus+ technology for years. Why? Because they experience significant fuel savings, less carbon buildup in their engines, less smoke out the tailpipe, less water and algae contamination, and less wear in their injectors and upper cylinders. In short, better performance and lower maintenance costs.

Xtreme Green® has now modified the technology to also be used in gasoline engines in addition to diesel engines so that consumers can enjoy the same benefits.

The Xtreme Green® Fuel Max Plus+ technology has been subjected to the most stringent testing of any product we know of, including testing by some of the largest and most prestigious testing laboratories in the United States. Among the tests successfully conducted on this technology are the following:

Both tests show significant improvements
fuel economy!

Carbon & Soot

Incomplete combustion results in carbon and soot buildup which will:

  • Contaminate your oil and clog oil and fuel filters
  • Increase oil viscosity and create sludge
  • Cause detrimental wear in cylinders and valve components
  • Rob your engine of fuel economy and performance

Water Contamination

Water contamination creates a harmful breeding ground for Bacteria & Algae. This leads to:

  • Fuel filter contamination
  • Dramatic acceleration of oxidation THEN corrosion
  • Poor fuel detonation = Lower fuel efficiency


ULSD & Lubricity

The EPA has mandated ULSD fuels to reduce emissions, dropping sulphur content from 500ppm to 15ppm.
This unfortunately results in:

  • Low lubricity = injector and pump failure, excessive carbon build-up, upper cylinder wear
  • Increase NOx emissions
  • Provides a breeding ground for microbes and bacteria which will expand and clog filters and lead to fuel starvation or catastrophic failure

Injector Spray

Common injector malfunction is caused by carbon build-up, contaminated fuel and lack of lubrication (ULSD, Ethanol Fuels).

  • Spray pattern must allow fuel to fully atomize for ideal burn
  • Steady stream will not burn efficiently and creates carbon

Fuel Max Plus+ helps safely remove existing carbon
build-up, allowing injectors to operate.

Cleanliness Test

Cummins L-10 Injector Cleaning Test

Test method designed for evaluation of diesel fuel and overall quality for deposit reduction.
Inadequate fuel quality affects:

  • Deposit tendency
  • Corrosivity
  • Lubricity
  • Injector performance



Cars, Trucks & SUVs


RVs & Boats etc.


Cars, Vans & Trucks


Tough Environments

How To Use

  • Use at every fill up.
  • Pour entire bottle into fuel tank prior to fueling.
  • One 20ml bottle treats up to 24 gallons.
  • See optimum results after 2-3 uses.
“I have been getting 380 miles per tank, my first shot of Fuel Max Plus+ gave me 435 miles. My very best tankful has been 495 miles and have been averaging 445 miles per tank.”(Chevy Venture, 158,000 mi)

Frequently Asked Questions

Fuel Max Plus+ is a fuel catalyst, improving your vehicles fuel consumption, resulting in better MPG, more power, reducing emissions and cleaning the internal parts of your engine. Fuel Max Plus+ can be used with gasoline or diesel engines.
Fuel Max Plus+ has been used and tested by industrial users and customers alike, and can improve your fuel consumption by up to 15%.


Fuel Max Plus+ is formulated to reduce the fuel consumption of your vehicle, resulting in more MPG (miles per gallon) and therefore saving you money. If used continuously, Fuel Max Plus+ may also reduce the maintenance cost of your vehicle. We also recommend using it along with our Engine Treatment for maximum engine protection. See more on our Products page at www.EngineLifeTreatment.com


Fuel Max Plus+ is formulated differently than other fuel additives on the market typically sold at automotive stores. Fuel Max Plus+ falls into the category of a highly concentrated fuel catalyst that actually affects the way the fuel is burned – whereas typical fuel additives are used at 8-12 ounces per tankful and only help keep the engine clean of deposits.


Xtreme Green’s Fuel Max Plus Technology is a catalyst designed to break down the fuel particles and create a more efficient combustion by way of ATOMIZATION. This produces more energy, significantly reduces fuel consumption, and dramatically lowers emissions while at the same time adding lubricity to help reduce wear.


As time goes by engines, become inefficient due to fuel contamination and component deterioration resulting in high maintenance costs. Xtreme Green’s Fuel Maximizer Plus Technology addresses fuel problems and maintains the protection and performance your vehicle needs.


On an average through testing and customer use, a minimum increase of 5% to 18% has been noticed. For optimal results use with either the Xtreme Green® Engine Life Treatment or Super Duty Oil Stabilizer.
Each bottle treats up to 24 gallons.


Yes. Fuel Max Plus will remove up 58% and emulsify 42% of the water. This will prevent any bacteria, algae build-up and prevent corrosion as well as clogging.


Yes. Fuel Max Plus will restore lubricity lost with ULSD and condition fuel injectors, pumps as well as help prevent excessive carbon build-up and upper cylinder wear.
Fuel Max Plus+

Retail Price: $30.00