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Simply fill out the Warranty inside your box of Engine Life Treatment and mail to Xtreme Green Corporate, 940 South Coast Dr. Suite 200 Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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Xtreme Green® Engine Life Treatment gives you that extra peace of mind knowing that your engine is covered up to $5,000 against lubrication related failure. Engines with less than 200,000 miles or less than 20 years old are covered. Warranty is transferrable.
For questions or to make a claim call 949-529-5080 or send an e-mail to Contact@XGglobal.com

In the fast paced, tightly scheduled world we live in, you want the confidence that you can rely on your vehicle and the security that you are covered if something goes wrong. Today’s engines are expected to last longer, and motor oils are better than ever, but they do have their limitations.

Documents to Download

Registration Form

Download the Warranty Registration Form to mail in.
Engine Lifetime Warranty Registration Form

Lifetime Product Warranty

Download the Lifetime Product Warranty for your reference.
Limited Lifetime Engine Product Warranty

Xtreme Green
Engine Life Treatment

For product details, please visit Engine Life Warranty Product Page


940 South Coast Dr. Suite 200

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(949) 529-5080

E-mail: Contact@XGglobal.com


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