Turn Ordinary Motor Oil into Super Motor Oil

By adding Xtreme Green® Engine Life Treatment to your motor oil, it effectively turns an ordinary lubricant into a super-lubricant.

Activated by heat and pressure, Xtreme Green® Engine Life Treatment bonds to your engine’s metal to reduce heat and friction, giving engines an extra level of performance and protection.

Designed for all types of gasoline engines, Xtreme Green® Engine Life Treatment will not build-up, change tolerances, alter oil flow through galleys and filters, or void manufacturer warranties.

Engine protection so advanced it comes with a free Limited Lifetime Engine Warranty!

(Restrictions apply, please see warranty for details or visit www.EngineLifeWarranty.com)


By adding Xtreme Green® Engine Life Treatment to your motor oil, it bonds to the metal and effectively turns an ordinary lubricant into a super-lubricant, helping to:

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    Increase Power and Performance

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    Optimize Fuel Economy

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    Reduce Maintenance and Wear

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    Reduce Friction and Heat

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    Keep Oil Cleaner Longer

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    Prevent Oxidation and Corrosion

Lifetime Engine Warranty

In the fast paced, tightly scheduled world we live in, you want the confidence you can rely on your vehicle and the security that you are covered if something goes wrong. Today’s engines are expected to last longer, and motor oils are better than ever, but they do have their limitations. Xtreme Green® Engine Life Treatment gives you that extra peace of mind knowing that your engine is covered up to $5000 against lubrication related failure. Engines with less than 150,000 miles or less than 20 years old are covered. *

These parts and more are covered against lubrication related failure:

Piston and piston rings, crankshaft and main bearings, rocker arm and pivots, rod and rod bearings, distributor drive gear, timing gears or sprockets, valve heads and valve springs, valve lifters, stems and guides, wrist pins and bushings, cylinder linings and bores, oil pump, oil pan, push rods, keepers and retainers, camshaft and bearings, cam follower and balancer, all internal lubricated parts of the block and head, and seals and gaskets. For eligibility and limitations read the Limited Lifetime Product Warranty.

Registration is easy, simply fill out the Warranty Registration Form enclosed with each product and mail it in, or register online at www.EngineLifeWarranty.com

(*Restrictions apply, please see warranty for details or visit www.EngineLifeWarranty.com)

“I have been using the Engine Life Tretament for years on all my vehicles and it has saved me several times when i forgot to check my oil levels. It was dry, but thanks to this product nothing happened to my engine. ”Peter

How It Works


XPL+ technology is attracted to and activated by heat. Conventional lubricants migrate away from heat and will break down under high heat conditions.

XPL+® lubrication technology bonds to metal even under extreme heat and pressure, giving it film strength that is demonstrated to be 50 times more powerful than regular lubricants!

Because it actually bonds to the metal, the technology is designed to help give protection when your engine needs it most, every time you start your car which is when your engine experiences the greatest wear.


XPL+ lubrication is tested daily in today’s demanding industrial applications as well as by leading testing laboratories all over the world.

Originally formulated and developed to protect demanding, hard-working diesel engines in industrial environments, the technology was transformed and adapted for today’s tight tolerance, high-performance gasoline engines. Leading industrial, mining, oil drilling and transportation companies have exhaustively tested and used XPL+ lubrication for many years.



Leading testing laboratories have tested XPL+ technology using the International Standards developed by ASTM International. Testing shows:

  • Wear reduction versus regular motor oil in the ASTM D-4172 Four Ball Wear Test
  • The highest possible rating in the ASTM D-130 Copper Corrosion Test
  • Zero rusting even at 72 hours in the ASTM B-117 Salt Spray Corrosion Test
  • Superior to oil alone in the ASTM D-2782 Timken Load Method of Measurement of Extreme Pressure Properties of Lubricating Fluids test
  • Exceptional load-carrying ability in the ASTM D-3233 Falex Pin andVee Block Test

The load base of 10W-40 Motor Oil is measured at 791 lbs for 4 minutes and 7 seconds. When 10% of Engine Life Treatment with XPL+ is added, the load is increased to 1,757 lbs and now runs for 11 minutes and 8 seconds.



Cars, Trucks & SUVs


RVs & Boats etc.


Cars, Vans & Trucks


Tough Environments

“I don’t completely know what this stuff does, but i know that my engine ran better after i put it in.”Paul D.

How To Use

  • For use with gasoline or diesel engines
  • New or high mileage engines
  • Auto, truck, marine, and railroad engines construction, off-road, motorcycle and small engines
  • Compatible with all petroleum or synthetic oils
  • Will not void engine warranties


Add 12oz Engine Life Treatment bottle per 4-6 quarts of motor oil. For larger capacity engines use at 10% by total volume. Repeat with every oil change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Xtreme Green’s Engine Life Treatment has been formulated with our proprietary Xtreme Pressure Lubrication (XPL+) Technology, designed to reduce friction inside your vehicle’s engine. By doing so, Engine Life Treatment helps reduces the wear on the internal parts of your engine and extend oil change intervals.
Xtreme Green’s Engine Life Treatment comes with a Limited Lifetime Engine Warranty. For more information go to our Engine Warranty page www.EngineLifeWarranty.com

Xtreme Green’s Limited Lifetime Engine Warranty guarantees your vehicles engine against lubrication related failure for as long as you own your vehicle with continuous usage of Xtreme Green’s Engine Life Treatment. Certain restrictions apply. For more details, visit our Warranty website www.EngineLifeWarranty.com

Yes, The Engine Life Treatment is compatible with all conventional and synthetic motor oils. For higher viscosity oils, diesel engines or older gasoline engines that are leaking or losing oil, we recommend Xtreme Green® Super Duty Oil Stabilizer.

Xtreme Green’s Engine Life Treatment has been used for years in the industrial and commercial world by leading manufacturing, mining, transportation and oil & gas companies. To be used in those industries, the product had to undergo stringent testing.

Tighter tolerances require lower viscosity motor oils. That is why Xtreme Green Engine Life Treatment is formulated for gasoline engines where tolerances are tight and the engines are running well.. Older gasoline engines that are having problems with oil leaks, oil consumption or smoking, and all diesel engines, will benefit from the Super Duty Oil Stabilizer.

No. Using The Engine Life Treatment will not void your warranty. The Magnusson Moss Act is a federal law that prohibits engine manufacturers from voiding any warranty simply from the use of an additive.

Use at 10% by volume. Typically a 12oz bottle is used for standard 4-6 qt capacity engines. Use at each oil change.

No. Engine Life Treatment will use the motor oil as a carrier and bond to the metal it is intended to protect.

No. The Engine Life Treatment does not contain any solids or chlorinated paraffin’s.

It is not necessary to wait; you can add it now, however, if you were getting close to an oil change, we would recommend adding it then.

If you use the Engine Life Treatment along with Xtreme Green’s® Fuel Max Plus+, on an average through testing and customer use, a minimum increase of 5% to 18% has been noticed. For optimal results use with either the Xtreme Green® Engine Life Treatment or Super Duty Oil Stabilizer together.

Engine Life Treatment

Retail Price: $40.00